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Margaret James, Founder of The Metropolitan Dream Center

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I would like to thank each of you for your contributions, and support given to MDC and Christian Chapel Missionary Baptist Church as we shared love to the community. We were blessed to be a blessing to approximately 450 children, impoverished families, and un-sheltered neighbors. Special thanks to Metropolitan Dream Center’s Board of Directors, Volunteers, Friendship West Youth Department (Kea Westbrook), Mercy Chef who prepared and donated hot meals. Special shout out to Kevin, barber with Barber Builders Training Academy who provided “Free Haircuts”.

Afterwards, MDC Volunteers went to the streets and ministered by providing food, clothing, prayer, and salvation to many homeless, drug addicts, prostitutions, etc. We were blessed to place 2 individuals into drug rehabs, and 5 individuals accepted Christ as their personal saviour. To God be the Glory!!! 

 This event was held at Christian Chapel Missionary Baptist Church, 4350 Bonnieview Rd./Dallas, Texas, Rev. James Johnson, Pastor.

Special Shout Out to Pastor Johnson & his members for their partnership with MDC and God’s People..

 “For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.

Matthew 25:35-36 


Margaret James, Executive Director

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Covid-19 Update!

We still continue to follow the suggested safe health measures during 2024. We pray you stay safe and may God bless you. 

Canned Food Drive

This year will show another great need for non-perishable food.

Please start now and donate the items you can.

Street Ministry

Our Street Ministry has changed from various days and times to Sundays at 1 pm to 4 pm.

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Monthly Feeding

This event is still temporarily postponed.
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Food & Clothing Give-Away

It’s scheduled for every Saturday.


Special Events

MDC takes Harvest Fest to Africa


30 years in existence under the care of the guidance of an amazing God-fearing woman by the name of Margaret James. She is the Founder and Executive Director of The Metropolitan Dream Center Incorporated.

Congratulations Ms. James, and all praises go to God!

Margaret James has been serving the poor in Dallas, TX, and the surrounding areas for over 20 years! Their mission is to connect broken people to a community of support by providing resources and services that address immediate and long-term needs in the areas of homelessness, hunger, poverty, addiction, abuse, and education. We are ever so grateful that God has seen her faithfulness and has provided her with a connection that would allow MDC to expand to another continent.  Eswatini, Africa!
Hear her story!

Many times we meet people in passing or by appointment that we are cordial with, never knowing the plans of the Lord. Margaret and I (Vivianne) met 10 years ago. Margaret was seeking space in a building Vivianne’s nonprofit was trying to acquire.  I remember sitting down and speaking with Margaret about her Nonprofit and connecting on a level where it felt like we shared the same heart for God’s children. To tend to those who it seems have no hope. To love on those we happen upon in the streets, those who stand at the door seeking help.  We are both intentional about hearing what and where the Lord is guiding us, and how He directs us to help those in need.  Although we never occupied the same rental space, God had a much greater plan for our meeting. We have partnered on many projects and have uplifted one another through the years.


I was visiting the US to attend my grandson’s graduation. God had been speaking to me about a mobile food pantry, I said, “But how Lord?” I then got a call from Margaret saying that she saw a post on FB about me being in Africa. (mind you that post was months prior to that current day). She said GURL are you in Africa? She was so excited. I matched her enthusiasm and said actually I am home right now. We set up a time for me to visit my friend. After catching up on all of the happenings, we prayed and both of us had the feeling that God was birthing something right then and there. As we leaned into it, Harvest Fest Eswatini was birthed. God is so amazing. Now it was time for me to return and get to work. Because Harvest has the same meaning but is slightly different on this side, we chose to call it simply a Festival in Lesibovu, which is the community we are serving.


Why Lesibovu?  I believe God chose the Lesibovu community because it embodies what MDC represents. MDC has been providing for the homeless and less fortunate families for years. We visited several impoverished communities, this one was heavy on my heart. It would be easy to explain if we were comparing apples to apples. I am from a country that has many resources. I am serving in an underdeveloped country that has few resources for the people. Here are a few country statistics:

  • 32% live below the $ 2.15-day poverty line
  • 55% live below the $ 3.65-day poverty line
  • Average income $3.04 per capita /$5,911 (this is 86% below what it takes to live)
  • 41% unemployment rate 
  • We will be serving 212 Families, approx 1060 people from the actual community.  However, we are expecting 1200 in attendance. This community does not have a hospital, clinic, or any kind of medical facility within a 90-minute drive. There are many child-headed households and no services for the disabled. 85% of the community members do not own or have access to a vehicle. There is scarce public transport, electricity, and running water. Many of the children walk to school barefooted or with put-together shoes.
    The community members do not have much to offer in terms of items or money but they are willing to bring out pots, pans, tables, chairs, and themselves to serve their own community members.

We are praying that we can bring Prayer tents, haircuts, non-perishable food baskets, a hot meal, mobile medical services provided by the Luke Commission hospital, and fun for the children. We would love to provide shoes and clothing.

As we work with MDC to prepare for something that has not been done here, we are facing some challenges. It is very challenging to find financial support from this side because of the country’s situation. We really could use help in the following areas:

Wrist bands for 1200 people – $238.00
Teeshirts for 100 volunteers – $512.00
Non – Perishable food to provide food to 212 families (will feed for a month) -$24.00 x 212 = $5,097.00
Hot food: We will be purchasing chickens from the community – $1,000.00 (we will try to provide the fixins)
Children’s area – $200.00
Tents – $100.00

Please consider being a part of bringing the Lesibovu a bit of hope and joy as we show them they are not forgotten, not only in prayer but in tangibly meeting a few needs. To support the MDC partnership with Eswatini, Africa, please make all donations through MDC


Thank you, MDC Without you we can not accomplish any of this!


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